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Become a Recruiting ninja with Recruitment Smart

The key differentiator for a recruiting company is their ability to deliver the “right fit for the job” candidate in the least turnaround time with precise accuracy time and again. In today’s dynamic candidate driven hiring landscape, companies are vying for suitable candidatures to maximize their bottom line, in turn increasing their brand value and market footprints. Every recruiting process has a repetitive task from screening, to scheduling job interviews, to answer questions pertaining to the job profile; all of which if done manually would require lots of man hours, eventually resulting in missing the opportune “hiring window”.

An effective hire hinges on the effective utilization of HR technology solution. Sniper AI, Recruitment Smart’s, game-changing AI is one such solution which augments the hiring process and delivers a unified view of the right candidates from all sourcing channels.

Recruitment Smart key differentiators, AI and machine learning breeds “accuracy” and “efficacy” in the recruitment lifecycle, handling recruitment specialist a moniker of a “recruiting ninja”. It augments the existing infrastructure by integrating with virtually any existing database or ATS. SniperAI automates the screening process and makes resume overviews and comparisons more efficient through its metric-based evaluation algorithms. Sniper Turnkey offers a complete online applicant tracking system that allows you to easily draft job specs, match them to candidates, and share them with partners and social media sites.

Missed communication is akin to a missed opportunity to hire the best candidate. Recruitment Smarts, AI-powered chatbots, eliminate the communication gap by leveraging machine learning capabilities to conduct a conversation via auditory or textual methods. The benefit of chatbots is their 24/7 availability, and their ability to have a human-like conversation, on demand.

Recruitment Smart, through its AI and machine learning capabilities, propagate “intelligence” in the recruitment process. The cognitive and predictive capability of AI enables the recruiters to spend more time converting candidates into employees and enhancing customer engagement.

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