How Artificial Intelligence Is Reinventing Human Resources

The use of AI has become the norm in many facets of everyday life. Many businesses leverage the capabilities of AI to further their goals and visions, none more so than the HR vertical of the business. AI is reinventing human resources in a way not seen before by automating the repetitive task of hiring, onboarding, learning, and development, allowing HR teams to focus more on creative and strategic work. The AI-powered software can analyze hundreds of job network sites by scouring through candidate’s online presence via social media platform and predict how likely are they to accept the role if offered to them.
AI-powered automated video interview analytical tool rates the prospective employee’s body language, tone modulation, and facial contours to make an unbiased assessment. The smart chatbots, driven by AI, and powered by neural networks, uses natural language processing to have a human-like conversation, without the need to have “actual” human answering frequently asked questions. The benefit of chatbots is their 24/7 availability, at the convenience of the user and on demand.
AI reduce the number of human errors and improve compliance. As AI facilities in automating most of the repetitive task prone to human errors, it mitigates the risk of non-compliance and data incongruity.
AI in human resources will enhance the employee experience and engagement to an individual level. Regardless of the volume of candidates, each candidate will receive timely correspondence via AI-powered workflows.
The advancements of AI have led to an unbiased and a fast track fit to hire process. The capabilities of AI have resulted in a taut hiring strategy, driven by real-time data and predictive models based on machine learning algorithms.
AI is omnipresent and it’s up to the business to decide the extent of leveraging AI capabilities, depending upon its goals, vision and budget. The cognitive and predictive capability of AI will enable the recruiters to spend more time in converting candidates to hire and accentuating their overall experience.

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