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How AI Can Transform Hiring in the Oil & Gas Industry

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Learn How sniper AI Can Transform Hiring in the Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is facing disruption from new materials, green energy, pricing volatility, and market consolidation. Companies are using innovative technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) to increase productivity and efficiency throughout the value chain. AI adoption is on the rise, with 50% of oil and gas companies already using AI to tackle challenges. The industry is undergoing a transformation, with certain skills becoming obsolete and renewable energy-related positions in high demand.


To thrive in this changing landscape, companies must focus on innovation, hiring for potential, and creating a nurturing culture for their workforce. AI is also being utilized in recruitment, helping companies optimize hiring costs, identify reskilling opportunities, and stay ahead in the industry. SniperAI, a talent intelligence platform, has proven to be effective in automating recruitment processes and delivering exceptional results for oil and gas companies. It improves productivity, reduces costs, increases diversity, and enhances candidate engagement.

Drilling into the Current Hiring Trends & Advancements In the Global Oil & Gas Industry