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  • Over 88% of the applicants not relevant for the job
  • It takes about 50 days to close a job
  • Over 80% of recruiter effort spent on sourcing & screening
Transform your Talent Supply Chain through our advanced AI Solution- SniperAI. Sniper AI is game-changing artificial intelligence for recruitment. It uses machine learning to match CVs and job specifications at blinding speed and with stunning accuracy. Sniper AI integrates with most applicant tracking systems and is perfect for corporate HR departments and recruitment companies. No more endless searching and scanning to assess the ideal candidate. Sniper AI brings the best match straight to the top.
Plugin or Platform

Integrate With Your Recruitment Systems

Sniper AI augments your existing infrastructure by integrating with virtually any existing database or applicant tracking system such as SAP SucessFactors, IBM Kenexa, Oracle Taleo, Workday and more.


Turnkey Applicant Tracking System

Sniper Turnkey offers a complete online applicant tracking system that allows you to easily draft job specs, match them to candidates, and share them with partners and social media sites.



The timesaving potential of Sniper AI is immense. Your sourcing managers will spend considerably less time searching and far more time interviewing, saving considerable cost.


With smarter application management, your teams will be able to instantly identify potential candidates across your existing data sources and therefore reduce your reliance on external channels.


Sniper AI offers greater agility and hiring accuracy. Wrong job placement is the single largest wasted cost for most companies, resulting in delays in production and delivery.

The AI Formula

(Attribute X Quality)ML = Ideal Targe

The secret to Sniper AI is its machine learning capability. The more you use it the more accurate it becomes. Every search provides more feedback to the system to allow it to better understand how to match candidates to roles. Sniper AI is built on a matching algorithm that compares candidate attributes such as work experience, skills and qualifications and compares it to qualitative factors such as length of service, employer noteworthiness, geographical location and more. These factors are multiplied by our proprietary machine learning (ML) technology that allows our system to learn how to appropriately weigh and score each unique factor. Most search systems use keyword technology, which doesn’t have the ability to rank the most appropriate factors and produces too many ‘false positives.’ Sniper is significantly more trustworthy and accurate.

AI Features

Hire on basis of skills, capability and value, not the colour, physical ability, gender or religion.

Our advanced algorithm hides identifiers such as gender, race, nationality, and religion, etc. and creates a skill map based on previous successful hires and assess candidate fitment.

Bias Checker

Based on past data we can evaluate any prevalent bias in the recruitment process. Our Algorithm does a comparative mapping of all shortlisted, selected and rejected candidates with their fitment score with job description to produce accurate results.

Blind Hiring

Our bling hiring algorithm enables recruiter to focus only on skills and fitment scores by masking the identifiers. The tool helps anonymise and conceal identifiers such as name, location, email id, phone number, and current employer until the shortlisting is not complete.

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