SniperAI: Dynamic Automation for Effective Talent Acquisition

Popular Features of SniperAI 

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Popular Features of SniperAI 

SniperAI is a talent intelligence platform that uses AI to automate recruitment, helping companies find and retain top talent. Some of its dynamic features include seamless interfacing with job boards like LinkedIn. 


It also offers resume parsing to upload bulk resumes and extract key fields like name, email, skills, and experience. The AI-powered parsing process is quick and highly accurate, allowing recruiters to find the best-fit candidates for their company. SniperAI’s digital assistant, JeevesAI, helps recruiters stay engaged with candidates by proactively assisting them throughout the hiring process, scheduling interviews, and assisting in onboarding. 


  • Reduce Screening Time by 53% 
  • Sourcing Costs by 37%
  • Increasing Candidate Response Rate by 65%

Find the Right Talent for Your Organization with SniperAI’s Dynamic Automation Features