Applicant Tracking System:  Attract the Most Qualified Applicants

Sourcing the right candidate with minimum time to fill is the key to success for any organization. The so-called “prime” candidates don’t remain in the market for long, therefore to keep the talent pool relevant the hiring process should be as truncated as possible. The most difficult task for any HR team is to post a perfect job advertisement, engage and collaborate with the right candidate in the least possible time, without losing out on the values and essence of hiring.

Most of the ATS offer the following features:
  •    Parsing and analyzing resumes
  •    Collecting job applicants
  •    Identifying the right fit for the job applicant

HR function, in today’s fast-paced extra competitive job market, can be bogged down due to various manual and repetitive HR tasks. The repetitive task eventually will have an impact on the length of the hiring lifecycle, resulting in the loss of premium candidates to competitors. The application tracking system gives HR managers and recruiters the ability to automate the mundane task and create customized workflows. It makes resume overviews and comparisons more efficient through its metric-based evaluation algorithms, powered by AI.

ATS Tracking Software ensures objectivity in the hiring process, as the selection of a profile is based on a data-driven approach and not human sentiments. The application tracking system software leverages AI capabilities to automate candidate screening and augment recruiter’s efficiency. This lets the HR personnel focus on candidate engagement and brand building. AI through machine learning algorithms predicts the success of a prospective candidate by comparing their metrics with the qualification to success ratio pattern model, built from a large amount of sourced data of successful employees, and grades the candidates who match the criteria.

The application tracking system systems integrate via API with job sites like monster and communicate job requirements through the career-building sites with a click of a button, enabling a wider coverage of an advertisement. When the candidate clicks on the “apply” button on the position on the job portal, they are redirected back to ATS, where their information is directly fed into the system. The inbuilt analytics capability of ATS ensures track and measure touchpoints at every step of the hiring process.

The attention span of a prime candidate is very limited, especially when choices galore. Therefore, the adoption of ATS is imperative to target the right talent pool in the shortest time span. The candidate should be able to apply with few clicks and receive feedback almost instantaneously on frequently asked questions. ATS provides a seamless job application experience by incorporating modern recruitment methods.

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