An Integration between your Workday ATS and SniperAI

Integration between Workday and SniperAI

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An Integration to Resolve all your Recruitment Woes workday and SniperAI

The integration between Workday and SniperAI offers a comprehensive solution to address recruitment challenges and enhance talent acquisition processes. While Workday serves as a robust applicant tracking system (ATS) for managing HR processes, SniperAI complements it by enhancing search features and providing talent automation through AI algorithms. The integration allows for seamless information flow between the two platforms, with SniperAI extracting and analyzing data from Workday and sending back essential information such as fitment scores and relevance ratings.

This integration helps organizations enhance candidate searches, rediscover talent, optimize the hiring process, prioritize skills over job titles, gain deeper insights through analytics, and promote diversity in the workforce. Overall, the integration of Workday and SniperAI leads to significant time and cost savings, increased candidate response rates, and improved recruitment outcomes.

53% Reduction in time spent on Resume Screening
300 Mn+ Resumes Processed
37% Reduction in Talent Acquisition Costs
Increase in Candidate Response Rate by 65%

An Integration to Resolve all your Recruitment Woes Workday and SniperAI