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Workday, a leading name in Application Tracking Systems (ATS), has revolutionized HR processes by streamlining tasks such as onboarding, compensation management, and compliance. However, to fully harness the power of your Workday ATS, you need a strategic partner that can enhance its capabilities. Enter SniperAI, your trusted ally in the quest for efficient, data-driven hiring.

Harnessing AI to Mitigate Bias and Expedite Time-to-Fill with a Diverse Pool of High-Quality Candidates

With SniperAI, seamlessly transfer essential data from Workday, including requisitions, prospects, candidates, applications, and attachments, facilitating advanced processing and analysis.
SniperAI’s deep learning skills augment your candidate searches, identifying complementary abilities and presenting profiles that closely align with the job requirements, boosting your talent pipeline.
The integration allows you to tap into your “Talent Network,” uncovering candidates from past applications, staff recommendations, and outliers who might now be the perfect fit.
Identify the best candidates, whether they are current or former employees, passive job seekers, or recommended prospects. This reduces screening time by 53% and slashes talent acquisition expenses by 37%.
Unlike outdated keyword searches, SniperAI understands every individual’s existing skills and their potential to learn. This empowers recruiters to prioritize skills over job titles for more accurate hiring.
The integration provides real-time reporting for diversity, CRM, recruiting pipeline, and other talent functions. It helps you tackle diversity issues and pinpoint where applicants from underrepresented groups face challenges in your hiring process.