Transforming Recruitment at a Leading UK Bank with SniperAI

Transforming Recruitment at a Leading UK Bank

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Discover how SniperAI revolutionized the recruitment at a Leading UK Bank through the power of artificial intelligence

This case study explores how SniperAI transformed the recruitment process for a major UK-based bank, by leveraging artificial intelligence. The adoption of AI in recruitment has become crucial for banks to attract top talent, enhance the candidate experience, assess skill and cultural fit, promote diversity and inclusion, and build a strong talent pipeline. SniperAI’s seamless integration, user-friendly interface, and automated data processing streamlined their recruitment operations, resulting in increased adoption, job diversification, candidate segregation, and significant time savings. The successful implementation highlights the tangible advantages of AI technology in optimizing recruitment efficiency and screening in the banking sector.


  • Increased utilization of SniperAI month over month for recruitment tasks.
  • Diversification of job roles effectively handled by SniperAI across various positions.
  • Significant reduction in processing time from 530 to 176 minutes for 106 applications using SniperAI.

Streamlining Recruitment Efficiency in the Banking Sector- How SniperAI Transformed the Hiring for a Large Bank of the UK