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SAP SuccessFactors has been your Application Tracking System and undoubtedly delivered a supreme hiring experience. Now, it’s time to enhance your recruitment lifecycle with the power of the most contemporary technology today- Artificial Intelligence.

Choose SniperAI as your AI-Powered Recruitment Partner and Hire the Right Talent 35% Faster

Integration of SniperAI with SAP SuccessFactors resulted in a remarkable 35% reduction in external spending for our clients, leading to significant cost savings in the hiring process.
The seamless integration improves candidate matching and screening processes, leading to a 47% improvement in CV accuracy, which in turn increases the efficiency of the hiring process.
The integration streamlines operations across geographies, creating uniformity in recruiter performance, candidate satisfaction, and time-to-fill positions, which contributed to more efficient hiring practices.
Our clients that employ SAP SF as their ATS experience an increase in diversity by 12% in their workforce due to reduced biases in the hiring process achieved through the integration.
SniperAI has achieved an impressive 96% accuracy in just three months of integration demonstrating the effectiveness of AI in screening and matching candidates.
SniperAI seamlessly integrates with SAP SuccessFactors, providing real-time access to talent intelligence without the need for recruiters to switch between different solutions, improving workflow efficiency.
The integrated solution provides strategic insights through analytics, offering valuable data on unconscious biases, sourcing mix, and recruitment channel optimization, empowering organizations to make informed HR decisions.
Over 15 clients spanning diverse industries and operating in over 75 countries annually benefit from the integration of SniperAI with SAP SuccessFactors, highlighting its effectiveness across various sectors.