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Collaboration over Competition: Leading ATS & SniperAI

Collaboration over Competition: Leading ATS & SniperAI

Recruitment Smart’s SniperAI is an AI-powered talent intelligence platform that can further refine the ATS experience for recruiters. It assesses candidates, rates them, matches them to the most suitable position, and provides insights into their skills and cultural fit. It integrates with globally leading ATS systems like SAP SuccessFactors to reduce the time and cost of hiring while removing unconscious biases.


SniperAI is easily available on the SAP App Store. A large financial conglomerate, a global telecom giant, and a leader in the oil and gas industry of Southeast Asia are examples of clients who have benefited from SniperAI’s integration with SAP SuccessFactors. The platform has helped these clients significantly improve their recruitment processes, including reducing external spending, improving CV accuracy, reducing gender bias, and increasing diversity.

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