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Stay Ahead of Your Competitors in Finding the Best Talent

Recruitment Smart is the only AI/ML solution provider that offers a holistic product tending to both ends of the spectrum, i.e., the recruiter and the candidate. We have tools for augmenting the recruiter’s productivity as well as engaging candidates throughout the recruitment life cycle.
Recruitment Smart offers a comprehensive Talent Intelligence Platform that empowers clients with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to meet talent requirements with the highest quality, at the quickest pace, and at the lowest cost.

Recruitment Smart has been consistent in delivering the best quality Talent Intelligence Software to its clients. Our position in the G2 Leadership Quadrant is on the rise, which corroborates our happy clients.

Why is Recruitment Smart Your Best Bet?

Automation- With SniperAI, automate tasks in your hiring process that can do without human intervention. This makes hiring easier, and faster and increases transparency in your organization.

abhishek m.

Sniper AI is the best recruitment management software for recruiter. My overall Experience with Sniper AI is great and easy to used, i love to recommend Sniper AI to my all recruiter friends. · Sniper AI best features for me is the boolean key search, job update for every role and find the consultant related to skills. · Sniper AI is best management tools in recruitment management field and they are the best.

Abhinav R.

Sniper AI is the most helpful application which allows us to search a pool of good talent as per the Job Description and to reach the required candidate easily and also can view if the candidate is previously submitted .
Accuracy- SniperAI is known for its accuracy in finding ‘the ideal candidate’. We transform your hiring cycle to help you yield high ROI with a proven reduction in sourcing cost by 37% and a decrease in screening time by 53%.

Nitin V.

Sniper AI Excellent tools for Recruitment and Tracking My overall experience with Sniper AI is great and i used daily and this is very helpful. · Sniper AI has so many different functionalities that help out our team. Sourcing and screening are faster and straight forward. It helps create an internal database. · Nothing to dislike about Sniper AI, best management tools so far.

Vardan S.

Sniper AI is one of the mind-blowing artificial intelligence platforms for sourcing candidates I have come across in my recruitment career. It gives instant results as per the job description when I put filters in to find the candidates. Undoubtely whole heartedly my five out of five stars go to Sniper AI. It has changed my perception of recruitment.
Diversity & Inclusion- – By concealing candidate identifiers, mitigating biases, and JD templatization through our Equitable Hiring Solution, we help our clients achieve their diversity and inclusion goals.

Administrator in Oil & Energy

The Sniper AI tool has been a great tool for our Recruiting team to help streamline Hiring Manage Engagement and use a true Blind Hiring/Unbiased process.

User in Accounting

It is a straightforward and quick way of hiring candidates for a suitable job concerning their talents and abilities.
Talent Analytics- – As a leader of Talent Analytics, Recruitment Smart has been offering the most crucial and personalized analytics that improve our clients’ decision-making, resulting in a more dependable workforce.

Internal Consultant in Accounting

The hunt for the right candidate is now less time consuming and much more efficient. Automated resume scan has cut down on the resume short listing time significantly.

Administrator in Utilities

Sniper AI has so many different functionalities that helped our team. The intelligent AI and analytics are two capabilities we have been looking for now for several years.

Augment Your Talent Acquisition Process With AI at Your Disposal

Backed By Data

Our algorithm has been trained on over 360M data-points across several contexts including different industries, geographies, roles, functions, experience levels et al

Easy Onboarding

Proactively assess the skill gaps of the candidates as well and design a personalised training intervention that can be administered before or during the onboarding

Proactive Insights

Provide predictive analytics of the candidate’s background, the likelihood of their joining, and engaging with them to ascertain their fitment with respect to the existing pool of outperforming employees.

Leverage Existing Data

Do a deep cleansing of the internal database and make it more usable and update it regularly to ensure that it is leveraged better leading to cost optimisation

Bespoke Solution

Creates a bespoke solution within the organisation to allow for different cultural sensibilities across different geographies while removing the biases to ensure only best fitted candidates get shortlisted.

Candidate Engagement

Without manual intervention, improves the candidate engagement by sending suitable response to candidates. Seamless experience from suggesting suitable openings to onboarding.

Integrates with your familiar ATS

If your ATS is not here, We can help you to integrate it with Recruitment Smart
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