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Make the most of Your Workforce’s Capabilities and Help Them Advance in their Careers with our Talent Mobilization Tool
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Redeploy Talent to Maximize Your Workforce Productivity

With our Talent Mobilization tool, identify the required skills and scout them within your workforce before sourcing new employees. This not only eradicates the cost of new hires but also helps you optimize your workforce and break departmental silos of the organization.

Upskill & Reskill Your Employees To Help them Advance in their Careers

The tool can also identify if a specific employee has the background and capability to learn the skill in demand. Give your workforce the opportunity and upskill and reskill and fulfil their aspirations. This not only helps your employees advance in their career paths but also helps you enhance your employer brand and retain the best talent.

Create a Unique Talent & Skill Map of Your Workforce

To stay a step ahead of the market, get a real-time view of the capabilities and skills of your workforce. Recognize a job’s market value, whether a skill is in demand or not, and how the competition is framing their positions. It aids in determining the number of resources required to be deployed for a specific organisational purpose after considering technological capabilities. This will provide you with an advantage over the competition and the chance to pivot early on.

Build Your Internal Talent Marketplace with SniperAI

Develop an Internal Talent Marketplace for your organization that is driven by Artificial Intelligence and data analytics. It takes a deep dive into the employees’ skills and helps them in unlocking their best potential. Internal Talent Marketplace assists learning and development teams to match the right opportunities, courses and training with the right employees and draws their career paths.

Challenges faced by Internal Resource Managers


Limited Hiring Spend

No Visibility Across Demand & Supply

Resource Utilisation

Lack of Opportunities For Employees

Find & Allocate the best candidate at less cost & time

TMT: Demand Forecasting

1- Demand Analysis
2- Forecasting upcoming demands
3- Supply forecast from existing resources

TMT: Mapping Skill Inventory

1- Uploads resume
2- Auto renders skills from resume
3- Human review and submission

Sniper AI: At the core

Sniper AI can automatically lock profiles over a certain threshold and tag as selected based on biz logic (past project performance/location/etc)

Sniper AI can automatically lock profile with scores > x and automatically tag as rejected based on biz logic (past project performance/location/etc)

SNIPER AI RMG Employee chatbot interacts with employees and sends project location notifications, takes approvals, etc.

Reviews profiles and submits, unlocks, or marks to external (supervised learning)

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Optimize Resource Manager’s Productivity
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Reduce Hiring Costs by
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Increase Employee Retention
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Reduce Resource Deployment Time
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