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In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Recruitment Smart is proud to offer an AI-enabled ‘Talent Support Platform,’ which can help and match talent with the available opportunities. This is a first-of-its-kind platform that seamlessly brings all stakeholders on the same platform for seamless movement of talent and optimising the transaction costs. It greatly reduces the operational and transaction costs while optimising the talent supply chain.


An established startup with mature AI product offerings and large clients with global footprints and technology partnerships with all leading players, we are keen to partner with your organisation. In addition to giving back to society, this also gives us a tremendous opportunity to engage with all your clients and help them meaningfully. This would also be a way to expand your horizon and reach out to a broader market. Creating an ecosystem of Partnership, we are associated with London & Partners and are looking to build and nurture this space.


Hiring Organisation

Hiring organisations can enlist all of their open job opportunities.

Impacted Organisation

Impacted organisations can upload information of all the employees who have been furloughed or impacted.

Impacted Individuals

Impacted individuals can also register themselves and immediately find a suitable opportunity.


The Talent Support Platform is an AI-based product formulisation to bring about all stakeholders together for a seamless talent connection. It can quickly understand the skills of the individual through their resume/social media handles and can also understand job requirements and help match the two. The impacted individuals/organizations can register themselves on the platform. The system would glean the necessary details and then start looking for optimal job opportunities that have been configured into the system by the hiring organization. This ushers into vast operational efficiencies while reducing time to hire and stemming inaccuracies.

Hiring Organization

Amidst the pandemic, the transactional cost of hiring new individuals has gone up because of adopting new hiring models, adding to existing supply chain inefficiencies. We now provide a platform that can seamlessly extract the job requirement from organizations in need of talent. The solution can immediately find suitable talent and timely inform the hiring organization. This can expedite the time to hire by 35% while ensuring the drop-off rate is ~0%. This substantially reduces the cost of hiring (between 15%-35%).


Impacted Organization

Business realignment and rationalization can force you to reorganise the workforce and letting go of talent. This can be a difficult choice; however, you can now help them transition to new roles either on an interim or a permanent basis. Further, you can also configure filters pertaining to non-compete clause security clearances for finding the right opportunity for your people. This not only secures the future of your employees but also creates incredibly powerful brand equity and loyalty and reduces liabilities.


Impacted Indivisuals

A lot of people have been affected by the calamity and are looking for new opportunities. Our deep tech platform can immediately match their skills with existing job opportunities. They can register themselves for free by uploading their social handle and/or their resumes. They would be immediately matched to available jobs and would also be notified in case any relevant job opportunities come up.

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