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From Sourcing to Onboarding: The All-in-One ATS That Simplifies Your Recruitment Process

Maximize Your Talent Pool

AI Sourcing – Our ATS algorithm seamlessly sources internal and external candidates, automating candidate sourcing based on skills, experience, and other factors. It leverages internal databases, external job boards, referrals, and LinkedIn, uncovering top talent within a single ATS platform.

Automated Candidate Screening

Our Sniper AI-Powered ATS automates candidate screening by analyzing resumes, giving fitment scores, and offering real-time recommendations for the best candidates. It promotes equitable hiring by hiding personal identifiers and creates skill maps for a fair assessment. This reduces the time to hire by 25%.

Effortlessly connect with candidates

The Jeeves AI Bot offers:

Collaborative Hiring

Make quick decisions

Our AI-based ATS boosts productivity by 53%, enabling managers to assess hiring metrics and monitor team performance.
It offers

Seamless Onboarding

Our ATS allows candidates to easily upload documents and learn about your company without contacting a recruiter. Employers can suggest training to enhance skills before hiring, leading to successful hires. Streamlining recruitment provides exceptional experiences, increasing applicant satisfaction and strengthening the employer brand.

Centralized Database

Get the competitive advantage of sourcing multiple candidates in one place

Sniper AI

Automate screening and reduce cost to hire by 25%

Tracking System

Track positions & candidates till closure

Equitable Hiring

Remove biases to get the best candidates on-board

Jeeves AI

Eliminate manual follow-ups with the virtual recruitment assistant


Save time spent on compiling data for reports

Collaborative Hiring

Save time spent in coordinating with candidates

On boarding

Seamless onboarding with AI-Powered systems