DAY 2 Advanced Analytics – These reports are available after collating a few months* of data.

Candidate journey

Comprehensive analytics, reports & kpis for measuring the recruitment lifecycle, including hiring and savings on costs and turnaround time which help in making objective decisions at scale.


Snapshot of candidate rejections vs company rejections

The visual displays data for the offer rejection metrics both by the company and candidate. It helps the recruiter track in numbers regarding candidate rejections.


Conversion rate by recruiters

The visual represents a recruiter’s performance under a lead. It can help the lead to keep a track of the team’s current status.

DAY 3 Predictive Analytics – These reports are available after having access to a few quarters* of usage data.

Predictive Analytics

Once SniperAI gathers enough data about the end-to-end TA process, predictive analytics becomes available.

    The following information is available :
  • Candidates hired for different types of jobs
  • Ranking of the candidates in SniperAI
  • Feedback regarding the candidates
  • Geographical location of the hired candidates
  • Performance of those candidates in the first year of them being hired
  • How long did it take to hire them
  • Which recruitment team hired the candidates
  • Volume of candidates hired by month and by location
  • Attrition levels for different jobs