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Snipe the Best Talent Faster

As a recruiter, once I post the job requisition, I’d like to directly see candidates that would be a good fit on my Application Tracking System.
I’d like to leverage pre-screening questions to shortlist candidates, and I wish rejected candidates to be automatically notified and move to the appropriate status in the ATS.

Consistently Improve Recruitment Experience for All

I’d like to have a digital assistant to suggest me suitable time slots in the hiring manager’s calendar to propose to the candidates for the interview.
Chasing a hiring manager to gather interview’s feedback is time consuming, I’d like to use a digital tool where hiring managers can provide their feedback.
Streamlining onboarding is a priority due to its time-intensive nature. Enabling candidates with self- service tools to gather necessary information can be a game-changer.

Deliver a Memorable Recruitment Experience

An attractive career site highlighting our organization's unique qualities is essential. This helps set us apart and captivates top talent amid their numerous options.
I’d like to leverage the power of AI to expand my network to engage with diverse and relevant talent.

Delivering a Highly Automated & Streamlined Recruiter Experience


Engaging e-mail campaigns

SMS & 1:1 Messaging

Data-Driven Insights

AI-Powered Interview Scheduling