Streamline Interview Scheduling with JeevesAI's Automation

Interview Scheduling Automation with JeevesAI

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Introduce Automation to Your Interview Scheduling Process with JeevesAI

JeevesAI, a digital assistant by Recruitment Smart, offers automated interview scheduling to optimize and streamline the hiring process. In today’s competitive market, slow and manual scheduling processes can cause companies to lose top candidates to competitors. With JeevesAI, organizations can expedite their time to hire by removing the hassle of manual scheduling and rescheduling. 


The AI-powered assistant considers the availability of the candidate, recruiter, and interview panel to find suitable time slots without human intervention. This automation eliminates the need for back-and-forth emails and time-consuming phone calls, allowing recruiters to focus on candidate engagement and sourcing. JeevesAI also provides features like global time zone support, calendar syncing, automated reminders, and interview feedback curation. By leveraging JeevesAI’s automated interview scheduling, recruiters can enhance efficiency, reduce manual effort, improve the candidate experience, and ultimately increase the hiring success rate.


  • 60% Less manual Effort on Scheduling and Candidate Reach-outs
  • 3x Faster Interview Scheduling to Speed up the Hiring Process

Introduce Automation to Your Interview Scheduling Process with JeevesAI