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  • What would you say is the uniqueness of your product as it relates to the current market?

    There are three unique features that we offer- (i) The unique ability of a 360-focus facilitating candidate to job matching and also job to candidate matching thereby improving candidate experience ...

  • There are quite a few companies providing AI driven recruitment solutions for large employers. What is our USP and how defensible is our position?

    Recruitment Smart is the only one AI/ML solution that offers a holistic product tending to both ends of the spectrum, i.e. the recruiter and the candidate. We have tools for ...

  • To what extent biases can be introduced to our model, and then how we identify and resolve them?

    To create a truly bespoke model we train our algorithm on the organisation’s internal database/historical data, however we only focus on extracting the skills needed for performing a role and ...

  • Does a prospective client have to go to your system to have access to all of your services? Use “other” if necessary to explain

    Our products are completely aligned with different ATS platforms through a 2-way API integration providing near real time updates both ways. We also provide all Talent Intelligence onto the ATS ...

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  • Who owns the candidate data?

    Recruitment smart doesn’t own any data. All data is owned by the clients.

  • Are we GDPR compliant?

    Yes, we are GDPR compliant

  • Who has the access to data from SniperAI?

    Only client’s registered users has the access to the data. The data is completely encrypted and there are access and audit reports to ensure comprehensive data security at all levels.

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  • What are the steps to prepare for an implementation with your clients?

    The implementation is comparatively straight forward. There are three stages involved. The first one involves defining the key business rules that customers would like us to bake into our algorithm ...

  • How long does it typically take to train your algorithms (from the ground up)?

    The product typically takes about 3 months before it starts working optimally. This is standard for a company of the size of ~10,000+ employees with hiring needs of over 1,000 ...

  • Do you use a machine/deep learning model? If so, please explain

    Yes, by virtue of the fact that we leverage Machine Learning the solution learns and improves on the job tuning and adapting itself as its used more and in different ...

  • Can your product/solution learn and predict over time? If so, please explain

    Yes, the solution can learn and predict in course of time. As far as Machine Learning is concerned there are two aspects which is improving parsing capability to determine the ...

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  • Do we have integration in place with various job boards

    Yes, We have integrations with various job boards like monster, dice,indeed, etc.except LinkedIn, Naukri (Indian context) as they are an insular platform but we have a solution that is like ...