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Harness the Power of Equitable Hiring: Craft Dynamic Skill Maps and Unlock Optimal Candidate Fitment!

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Bias Checker

Based on past data we can evaluate any prevalent bias in the recruitment process. Our Algorithm does a comparative mapping of all shortlisted, selected, and rejected candidates with their fitment scores vis-à-vis job descriptions to produce accurate results.

Identifier Anonymization

Our algorithm enables your recruiter to focus only on skills and fitment scores by masking the identifiers. The tool helps anonymize and conceal identifiers such as name, location, email id, phone number, and current employer until the shortlisting is not complete to enable Blind Hiring.

Diversity Analytics

Our Diversity analytics allows you to make data-driven decisions with real-time bespoke analytics about the Diversity & Inclusion in your workforce per the goals set by your organization.

AI-Powered Diversity Hiring. Set Tangible & Attainable Diversity & Inclusion Goals by Keeping Equitable Hiring at the Heart of your Recruitment Strategy

Improve Your Diversity Index by 10%
We are a Key Contributor in Helping NRG Energy Achieve Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in its Workforce
SniperAI’s Equitable Hiring was instrumental in NRG’s recognition as a Champion of Board Diversity by the Forum of Executive Women.

Boost Creativity & Productivity

Enhance Engagement for Employees from Different Backgrounds

What are our Clients Saying about the Equitable Hiring Feature?

SniperAI User

Since we use Sniper AI on a daily basis, it has helped to make our work more professional and structured by easily placing new jobs and shortlisting candidates. We can outreach candidates through the platform too, which is really convenient! The in-depth features have been great for us to do our work in a much more organized manner. They have helped us in reducing bias and creating a diversified work environment.

SniperAI User

Sniper AI is a brilliant tool. It not just helps you in sourcing and screening the right set of candidates but also creates a robust Internal database for your company. This AI solution also helped us in reducing unconscious biases and creating a diversified job culture.