AI Matching and CV Parsing Pricing Model
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Pricing Model

For matching candidates to the job or for jobs to the candidate we have designed our transactional-based pricing that perfectly fits your hiring need. Simply tell us the estimated number of jobs that you would be working on and candidates you need, and we will provide you with a tiered pricing structure that ensures you only pay for what you require. We provide you with a personalised pricing structure to meet your specific needs, ensuring that you get the best value for your money with our AI matching services.

CV Parsing

While for CV parsing, our pricing structure is based on the number of CVs parsed, and you pay a fixed price per CV. Plus, there are no duplicate charges for processing the same CV file. Save money by not only paying for what you use with our CV parsing but also save on unnecessary expensive subscription-based tools.Streamline your recruitment process by not wasting any more time sifting through CVs manually – let us handle the heavy lifting for you. Connect with our talented team and see how you can save time and hire better candidates with Apheleia

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