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CV Parsing API

Apheleia streamlines your recruitment efforts by automating candidate database management. It helps in parsing all relevant information such as the candidate details, prior experience, compensation, location, industry, and more from complex resumes into actionable data. This simplifies the search process according to open job requisitions, making it easier to find suitable candidates for your organisation.

Job to Candidate Matching API

Our API utilises a sophisticated algorithm to generate fitment scores for each candidate, allowing recruiters to make informed hiring decisions and reduce time-to-hire. Additionally, it offers real-time recommendations, ensuring that recruiters are always working with the most up-to-date information.

Candidate to Job Matching API

This API enables job seekers to parse their resumes via AI and get personalised recommendations based on their skills, experience, and other relevant factors, resulting in a more accurate job-candidate match. Similarly, when a recruiter is sure of the skills, expertise, and years of experience required to hire, this API can help to search the database for suitable CV’s that match the job opportunity. As a result, both recruiters and job seekers are able to reduce time-to-hire and increase efficiency.

Mile-radius search API

As the name suggests, this API allows recruiters to input a postcode and distance range to locate potential candidates, streamlining the recruitment process and ensuring a more efficient hiring process.

Advantages of Deploying APIs to Your Hiring System

Time Efficiency

By integrating our API with your existing applicant tracking system, you can improve the evaluation process, reduce the time to hire candidates and find several suitable resumes for open job requisitions in just a matter of minutes.

Seamless and Secure

Our API provides a seamless and secure information exchange with minimal manual intervention required. Additionally, our technology supports over 50 languages, making it a flexible and reliable solution for businesses around the world.

Maximise Recruiter Productivity

Our API maximises recruiter productivity by offering automated CV matching and ranking. It is also scalable and easy to use, allowing recruiters to efficiently manage their candidate database and streamline their recruitment process.

Save Time & Costs with AI-Powered CV Parsing

Ensure Accurate Job-Candidate Matching

Better Hiring with Candidate-Job Matching

Seamlessly Integrates with Existing ATS

Identify and Connect with Local Talent

Make Data-Driven Hiring Decisions