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The global market is changing at blinding speed. Organisations have little time to adapt to the latest trends. The additional clerical workload does not help either. So, they need as much time as possible in hand to focus on the most significant tasks. The advent of artificial intelligence has opened up new dimensions of automation in fields that were unimaginable a decade ago. One of its applications has come in the recruitment area, screening an employee(s) from the talent pool that could “best-fit” the given job requirement. AI-driven technologies like machine learning and NLP have shifted the paradigm of how businesses interact with potential candidates.

Jeeves AI, powered by machine learning algorithms, is one such AI-driven tool developed by Recruitment Smart, which helps businesses to identify the potential candidate from a myriad of sources and screen him/her against the set parameters and given job profile at breakneck speed, enabling recruiters to find the best fit.

Transform Hiring Experience with Jeeves AI

Jeeves AI is a multi-tasking tool that not just automates screening a candidate but also keeps the account of sending reminders, tracking performances across the recruitment lifecycle, and selecting a candidate.

  • Easily integrating with SMS and social apps like Facebook, Jeeves AI takes care of scheduling interviews and other monotonous tasks.
  • Jeeves AI sends calendar invitations intimating a candidate via email, improving accountability and transparency.
  • It sends instant feedback and important updates automatically to candidates via SMS or email, keeping them abreast of their application status, thus enhancing a candidate experience and boosting the organisation’s brand value.
  • Power-packed with AI-driven business analytics software, Jeeves AI empowers decision-makers to make data-driven, real-time decisions on robust, intuitive, and customized dashboards. The platform seamlessly integrates with ATS Tracking Software to provide recruiters with a holistic view of the talent pool.

The conversational AI Chatbot of Jeeves streamlines the onboarding process by resolving HR-related queries of candidates. It allows them to remain abreast of the company’s management and ethical policies. Additionally, it enables them to submit onboarding paperwork electronically.

Enhance Candidate Engagement with Jeeves AI

  1. Quick Discovery of Jobs: Personalized jobs are displayed for the candidates instead of irrelevant search results. Historical candidate database is mined to accelerate screening, significantly boosting candidate rediscovery.
  2. Faster Processing of Applications: Parsing through a large influx of candidates CV, only the most relevant profiles are selected, short-listing desired candidates based on predefined parameters or attributes like qualification and work-experience, etc.
  3. Easy Browsing: Candidates only see the jobs relevant to them, sparing them the time otherwise spent on browsing through the long list of job listings, enhancing the candidate experience.
  4. Streamlining Process for Candidates: After all the automated filtration and selection at the backend, the entire process is streamlined to only one step of uploading the resume. The conversational chatbot with a high EQ guides the candidate to upload the CV in the desired format.

Talent Analytics for a Flawless and More Efficient Recruitment Strategy

The IT disruption has generated a vast amount of unstructured data over the years. Hence, HR professionals are looking for a needle in a haystack until this data is defragmented and structured appropriately. Businesses need to constantly review areas wherein they can improve their recruitment strategy to make hiring more efficient than the last time and adapt new methods accordingly.

Recruitment Smart has designed Talent Analytics to help organisations analyse large unstructured and fragmented datasets of the existing workforce to produce insights into the prospective talent pool. It can also analyse interview videos and ascertain the candidate’s personality during the interview in a smart and bias-free manner to identify the “best fit” for the job.

The analytics capabilities of Talent Analytics improve the efficacy of the talent acquisition by reducing the time to hire and eliminating unconscious biases from the recruitment process.

Talent Analytics work on a 4-level model that offers:

  • Reactive Operational Reporting: Involves ad hoc operational reporting reactive to business demands, and data in isolation
  • Proactive Advanced Reporting: Includes usage of intuitive dashboards for multi-dimensional analysis and operational reporting for benchmarking and decision making
  • Strategic Analytics: Involves segmentation, statistical analysis, development of people models, dimensions to understand the cause, and delivery of actionable solutions
  • Predictive Analytics: Includes development of predictive models scenario, planning risk analysis, and mitigation

During the initial days of its working, Talent Analytics will share recruiter’s conversion metrics in its preliminary report showcasing how the recruiter has been screening candidates at each stage.

Advanced Analytics becomes available after collating a few months of data, which shares comprehensive analytics, reports, and KPIs for measuring the recruitment lifecycle, including:

  • The snapshot of candidate rejections vs. company rejections
  • Detailed review about the hiring process and associated costs and turnaround-time
  • Conversion rate by recruiters

Predictive Analytics – This is where the fun begins!

Talent Analytics work in coordination with Sniper AI, an AI-driven tool to find the best-fit candidate without any bias. After a couple of quarters in use, Talent Analytics share Predictive Analytics about the end-to-end Talent Acquisition process to help modify and frame recruitment strategies in the future. The high-level analytics powered by advance AI technology shares information about:

  • Attributes and skills of applicants hired for different kinds of jobs
  • Ranking of the candidates in Sniper AI
  • Feedback regarding the candidates
  • The geographical location of employees
  • First-year performance of employees
  • Time to hire
  • The performance of various recruitment teams
  • The volume of candidates hired by month and by location
  • Attrition levels for different jobs

About Recruitment Smart

Based out of London, Recruitment Smart Technologies is a leading global HR tech startup striving to bring disruptive technology to the recruitment industry. Recruitment Smart offers AI-driven solutions, applying data science and Heuristic AI to streamline hiring, enhance candidate engagement, and recognise different means of promoting bias-free recruitment, thus boosting diversity and inclusion at a workplace.

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