SniperAI By Recruitment Smart Technologies Is Now Available On Microsoft Azure Marketplace

SniperAI by Recruitment Smart Technologies is now available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace. It rationalizes the time & cost to hire while using machine learning to match CVs and job specifications at blinding speed and with stunning accuracy.

Recruitment Smart Technologies makes available its latest Deeptech HR platform SniperAI in Microsoft Azure Marketplace automates the end-to-end talent supply chain for organizations to effectively and efficiently find, qualify and hire talent. SniperAI integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Azure to fulfill talent requisition. It modernises the recruitment process by serving customers across geographies and industries.

SniperAI proves to be the handiest and user-oriented tool specifically designed to ease up at the same time speed up the process of hiring candidates for all types of job boards. It collates verified CVs from various external databases like Dice and Monster and presents relevant CVs to the recruiter in no time. With the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP), it screens and rates the CVs of external candidates which makes it simpler for recruiters and HR departments to narrow down the list of suitable profiles matching their job requisition.

SniperAI helps businesses that use Microsoft Azure Marketplace with:

  1. Reducing time spent on resume scanning by 53%
  2. Reducing sourcing costs by 37%
  3. Reducing the initial screening funnel by 60%
  4. Automating manual talent procurement processes
  5. Providing analytics around hiring channel optimisation, candidate strength maps, and predictive modeling to assess whether the talent should be hired from the market or mapped internally looking at cost, availability, level, JD, etc.

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About Recruitment Smart Technologies

Recruitment Smart is a SAAS-based platform pioneering the utilization of ingenious technology to enhance and uplift the recruitment processes. It bridges the gap between the recruitment industry and technology industry by introducing products that help to meet the end-to-end requirements of clients of both sides. We have a team from a technology background who has worked with companies like EY, IBM, and KPMG. For the HR domain, it has established partnerships with SAP, Oracle, Cornerstone product solutions. The company has conducted over 200,000 hiring’s and has been recently felicitated by Innovate UK, for its AI-enabled offering called the ‘Talent Support Platform’ for remarkably boosting up the UK economy during Covid-19.

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