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When we listen and celebrate what is both common and different, we become wiser, more inclusive, and better as an organization.  — Pat Wadors, CTO, ServiceNow

Hiring a diverse workforce leads to exchanging varied perspectives, which encourages creativity and innovation, leading to better business outcomes. A business firm can relish these outcomes in the form of increased productivity, better teamwork, readiness for change, and most importantly, extra profit. Cloverpop submitted a report based on its research on inclusive decision making. The study indicated that inclusive teams make better business decisions up to 87% of the time. And diverse teams deliver 60% better results by executing the strategies more effectively.

Global leaders belonging to the most successful companies have realized the significance of hiring a diverse workforce. But they are still learning the effective measures to eliminate recruitment bias, foster inclusivity, and create a feeling of belonging and togetherness in all employees.

This is the fourth and final blog of the series, wherein we have discussed not just the significance of diversity at a workplace but also its different aspects and the means to achieve it. In this blog, we urge you to get started with hiring a diverse workforce. And there is no better platform to use other than that offered by Recruitment Smart Technologies.

Recruitment Smart pioneering AI-driven recruitment

Based out of London, Recruitment Smart Technologies is a tech startup on a mission to bring disruptive technology to the recruitment industry. Our team includes veterans from both the recruitment and technology industries. And our ethos is to build and offer value-based products that help our clients to recruit the best talent and are highly attuned to their needs.

As one of the leading HR tech companies, Recruitment Smart offers AI-driven solutions, applying data science and Heuristic AI. Our tools and platforms aim to recognise different means of promoting diversity at a workplace and recommend the most efficient ways to achieve it.

Our Products

  • Sniper AI as an Intelligent Talent Recruitment Platform
  • Jeeves AI as Digital Assistance
  • Talent Mobilisation Tool
  • Talent Support Program

Using State-of-the-art Technology

Appointing the best experts in AI and Machine Learning, Recruitment Smart, in partnership with Carnegie Melon University, has developed Sniper AI. Sniper AI is a game-changing technology that uses machine learning to match CVs to job specifications at blinding speed and with stunning accuracy. The AI-driven tool helps organisations in selecting and recruiting the most eligible candidates without exhibiting any prejudice. Its advanced machine learning algorithms identify the nature of bias, if any, and then address them through an AI-based recommendation engine, engendering ethical hiring while protecting the candidate’s identity. Further, the algorithms neutralize any extant inherent bias in the system. Our offerings have enabled our clients to reduce various types of biases by over 40%.

Inclusion is not a matter of political correctness. It is the key to growth. — Jesse Jackson, Political Activist and Minister

Recognising the Best Talent, Achieve your D&I goals with Sniper AI

Sniper AI is built on a powerful matching algorithm, rendering it with advanced learning capacities. As a result, the software selects the candidate more accurately the more you use it. Every search provides more informed feedback to the system, allowing it to calculate better how to match candidates to roles.

The software selects the best applicants and helps the recruiter interact with them through the entire recruitment lifecycle without showing any personal preferences or predisposition in terms of region, race, and gender, etc., thus promoting equality and inclusion of a more diverse workforce.

Sniper AI only recognizes an applicant’s attributes such as work experience, skills, and qualifications and then compares them to qualitative factors such as the duration of service, geographical location, and employer noteworthiness, etc. These factors are calibrated using proprietary machine learning (ML) technology, allowing the entire system to learn how to appropriately weigh and score each unique factor. The best profile of an applicant with the highest eligibility score is displayed at the top.

Accurate with no “false positives”

Sniper AI is significantly more trustworthy because of its search system that uses the most advanced keyword technology. The system ranks the most appropriate factors, generating accurate results without producing any “false positives.” In this way, recruiters can gather more information on every applicant, thereby evaluating candidates more effectively.

Blind Hiring with Recruitment Smart

Recruitment Smart platforms automate the screening process, understanding the nature of bias, if any, and address them through an AI-based recommendation engine engendering ethical hiring while emphasizing information and identity protection.

AI hiring tools designed by Recruitment Smart allow an employer to conveniently train the platform with more diverse data, including that of differently-abled. Sniper AI, developed by Recruitment Smart technologies, is built on a robust Machine Learning algorithm that works more accurately the more you use it. Its AI algorithm can determine any extant inherent bias in the system and can then work towards neutralizing the same.

Every search provides more informed feedback to the system, allowing it to match candidates to roles more accurately and identify eligibility for a given job position. While doing so, a recruiter can also train Sniper AI to accommodate limiting features of differently-abled people to find them eligible for a specific job position, thus achieving diversity and inclusion in its real sense.

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