How Organisations Can Digitise Their Talent Acquisition Post The Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has given severe mental, physical, and economic disturbances and challenges to human beings everywhere around the world. Organizations now have to depend more than ever on their HR departments to ensure that their workforce feels secure in the course of this unprecedented time.

Talent hiring has continually been a stressful discipline. During the last few years, its key challenges have centered on attracting talent efficiently and quickly. However, due to the current ongoing COVID-19 crisis, recruiting companies are grappling with new challenges they might have never faced before.

The COVID-19 crisis has forced all of us to work from our homes. Along with that, the talent acquisition teams of the organizations are trying their level best to discover powerful strategies that can successfully onboard new skilled employees.

Challenges Faced by the Large Hiring Firms Post Pandemic
  • Successfully recruiting the team from home

It might be the first time for most of the recruiters to work from home, and therefore they might face various difficulties and challenges. These challenges and problems can be related to either successfully recruiting the team from home or staying productive at all times.

  • Effectively onboarding a new hire from home

Onboarding is an exciting event for new hires, and it is vital for your company as well. Due to the pandemic situation, some of the companies have temporarily given up on recruiting and onboarding, while others have reduced it to online documentation and canned videos. However, many companies have already started the procedure of remote onboarding years ago.

  • Planning for workforce post COVID-19

The coronavirus crisis is exceptionally dynamic, and it is, therefore, difficult to predict what will happen after a few months. This naturally makes it hard for you to stretch out your hiring needs in the coming days. As you know that maintaining the right number of employees is essential in an organization, but due to this pandemic situation, it might be somewhat difficult for the recruiters to analyze and plan the required amount of workforce needed in the organization.

  • Need For Faster Hiring

The excellent and skillful candidates are in high demand these days, and therefore, they are receiving multiple offers from different companies. So, in that case, if you do not have a Talent Intelligence Platform, you may lose to recruit a skillful candidate due to which you may not win the race. And this is the reason why an organization must have a fast Hiring Process, but one thing to note here is that hiring fast does not mean to lower your hiring standards, but it rather means that you have to move quickly. There are many reasons why hiring faster is essential. When you higher faster, you won’t miss out on the top talent, and you will still have a chance to score better on candidate experience.

The Significance of AI-Based Recruitment Software

Recruitment demand a lot of manual work, from sorting through candidate resumes to reaching out to the right candidates and waiting to hear back. And what if there was a way to make an entire process run more smoothly and faster, enhancing the recruitment process?

Today, AI (artificial intelligence) for recruitment is becoming increasingly prevalent. Using software like Sniper AI that includes artificial intelligence capabilities brings many benefits when recruiting. Beyond merely automated routine tasks, AI can make helpful suggestions based on the information and help recruiters with communiqué with the right candidates.

Let’s have a look at how AI address the upcoming recruitment challenges:
  • Reduce Time to Hire – If speeding up your recruitment process is vital, AI in recruitment makes a lot of sense. AI-based recruitment software can take a large quantity of data, for instance, thousands of resumes and speedily screen and determine the best 10 percent of applicants on the basis of your own historical hiring decisions.
  • Increasing Quality of Your Candidates – Artificial intelligence is used synonymously with machine learning, hinting how it can enhance candidate quality. Once AI ascertains which factors make a person a successful/unsuccessful employee in a role, it can uninterruptedly tweak what it quests for and choose the highest quality candidates for you.
Sniper AI: Overview & How It Can Help?

To help the organizations with their recruiting processes during and post Covid-19, Sniper AI proves to be very beneficial. It is a game-changing artificial intelligence tool that is used for recruitment. Sniper AI sources resume from various job boards and then match them with open job positions available. The recruiters then leverage the AI to speed up the shortlisting process and finally invite only the best candidates that prove to be the best fit for the vacant job position.

The Sniper AI recruitment tool is perfect for corporate HR departments and large recruiting companies as it integrates with most applicant tracking systems. In this way, Sniper AI makes the job of recruiters easier than before. This tool offers various benefits, such as reducing the time that the recruiters generally spend on various manual tasks like resume scanning. It also helps reduce the number of suitable candidates by suggesting only the ones that will match perfectly with the vacant job position.

What can you expect from Sniper AI?
  • 53% of reduction in human resources

Sniper AI helps in saving the time immensely. It will help you to spend considerably less time than before in searching for the right candidate and far more time in interviewing. It will further help you in saving considerable costs and knowing the candidates much better than before.

  • 37% sourcing cost reduction

With this AI-based recruitment tool, your recruiting teams will be able to quickly identify the best suitable candidates across the existing data sources. Therefore, it will reduce their reliance and dependence on the external channels, thus helping you save much of your costs.

  • Hire agility and selection accuracy

Wrong job placement is one of the single most massive wasted cost for most of the companies. This generally happens when a wrong candidate is placed in an unsuitable job position. Sniper AI helps you in overcoming this as it matches the right candidate for the vacant job position, thus providing greater agility and hiring accuracy.

Recruitment Smart Talent Intelligence Platform Sniper AI brings your screening rate to 100%, and thus it ensures that you will never miss out on an ideal candidate for the vacant job position in your company. One of the great things about this AI-based tool is that Sniper AI works continuously irrespective of how many numbers of job applications you generally get.


Though the pandemic has already left the companies with so many challenges in the recruitment process, the Recruitment Smart Talent Intelligence Platform, i.e., Sniper AI will prove beneficial and will automatically coordinate away the right application to the correct job detail. It is an amazing tool with lots of unique features that will let you hire the right talent for your organization. So, without giving any second thought, use the Recruitment Smart Sniper AI tool to make the task of recruitment easy like never before.

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