Recruitment Smart


The job market is seeing a paradigm shift in the way recruitment strategies are being conceptualized. The strategies designed are in commensuration with the technologies that are disrupting the recruitment landscape in the digital ecosystem, i.e.: AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain. The competitive job market is inundated with employees of myriad skill sets, with innumerable recruitment agencies vying for hires with a specialized craft. There is no place for laggards in the candidates market where time is of the essence in sourcing the right candidates to plug the skill set void. Sourcing enables the HR department to reach out to the best pool of talents rather than waiting for them to come to you. An adaptive and well-thought outsourcing strategy pre-empts the situation of being caught unawares in the event of a mass exodus of high attrition rate. It allows the recruitment team to have access to a large talent pool of active and passive candidates. According to the LinkedIn talent trends 2016, only 36% percent of the workforce actively looks for a job at a given time whereas 90% of them are willing to learn more about the new opportunities. In order to get the optimum value from sourcing, the following tips can be worth the while for building a talent community and strengthening the brand value of an organization.

  • Expanding the diversification of online platforms for sourcing: The online platform is one of the biggest sourcing channels. Apart from tapping talents from the standard channels like Facebook or Linkedin, a good starting point, it’s always better to exacerbate the possibilities of finding the right match through niche skill sites like GitHub or Upwork for software developers. The other sourcing channels could be less conventional freelance work sites where you get to see the history of candidate freelance work along with the client’s feedback.

  • Offline channels like a job seminar or a conference is also a great way to showcase what the company has to offer in terms of projects and products, thereby immensely piquing the curiosity of both passive and active candidates.

  • The recruitment database is an effective source of finding great talent. The relationship already formed at the time of initial correspondence provides a great head start and encourage them to apply. The automated messaging system keeps the candidates abreast about the open positions via emails.

  • Constant interaction with the current high performing candidates and tapping their links can prove to be an effective way of sourcing a talented hire. By utilizing your employee networks can not only assist in increasing untapped talent but also increase the rate of response via a known network.

As the IT landscape changes, the recruitment strategies also need to change in order to staff industry leaders and fill up the void created due to attrition. It’s imperative to maintain a balance between the old conventional sources of sourcing and the new one to have updated access to the best pool of talented resources.

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