Amplify your internal productivity with Sniper AI

Amplify your internal productivity with Sniper AI

Most of the times the workforce is juggling multiple and redundant tasks on an everyday basis to meet the “time to value” window. The competitive landscape, where productivity takes a box seat doesn’t allow any room for laxity. The recent emergence of big data, though a source of exceptional insight would not realize benefits for an organization without the use of an instrument that can provide actionable insight into it. Sniper AI is one such instrument that brings together the capabilities of AI, machine learning, auto screening, auto sourcing and passive hiring on one single platform.

Sniper AI can parse data from any unstructured data, match candidate, internal or external and instantly score them to each job-specific action, shortlist them with a single click and export all this information on a dashboard with social media sharing and email capabilities. The automation of redundant activities via AI enhances human capability and productivity in the face of the barrage of data.

The chatbots, driven by Sniper AI, and powered by neural networks, uses natural language processing to have a human-like conversation, without the need to have “actual” human answering frequently asked questions. The benefit of chatbots is their 24/7 availability, at the convenience of the user and on-demand initiation, letting the HR workforce focus more on branding and candidate engagement and less on low-level unproductive tasks.

The integration of Sniper AI with LMS has helped in improving the effectiveness of the training programs. The AI algorithms in LMS can group users according to their current profile and the skillsets required based on projects in the pipeline. The machine learning algorithms of Sniper AI evaluates the workforce gradual and periodic performances to formulate highly intuitive training programs. This not only keeps the users abreast of the latest skills in the ever-evolving technology landscape but also keeps them relevant for any future requirements. The result is increased productivity due to renewed confidence that comes with knowledge.

The capabilities of a skilled workforce can be harnessed by using the technological advancements of Sniper AI. The automation and analytical features of Sniper AI allow users to always have a head start in terms of decision making and cognitive abilities. Also, as the sourcing efforts are confined to a single location, it has a direct impact on productivity and the bottom line.

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