Supercharge your ATS with Sniper AI

Supercharge your ATS with Sniper AI

It’s a candidate-driven recruitment market and there are no two ways about it. In a hiring environment that is afflicted by talent crunch, “time to hire” has become an important parameter, the fulfillment of which defines the overall success of an organization. Ask any recruiter and in unison, they will agree that the hardest part of the recruitment process is screening the right candidate amongst the large pool of applicants.

The ATS has proven to be a ready repository for finding the right current candidates from a pool of past applicants but the following shortcomings have at times rendered it ineffective.

  •  Ineffective search capabilities
  • Inadequate engagement possibilities
  • Outdated data

Inculcating AI-driven capabilities has the potential to supercharge your current ATS, resulting in securing the best “fit for the role” candidate more often than not. An ATS powered by Sniper AI can instantly generate talent pipeline for a new role based on comparative data analysis sourced from its powerful machine learning algorithms. Sniper AI can stack-rank candidates against criteria like past performance, skillsets, experience, etc. This AI capability saves hours of recruiters’ which can be productively used in candidate engagement and formulating HR strategies.

Sniper AI, reporting and analytics capabilities enable the development of intuitive, user-friendly and customized dashboard which is capable of showing graphical data with utmost granularity. The visual interpretation of data allows hiring managers to choose the best candidate as per the job profile with regularity, resulting in a lower cost of hire and a higher return on investment.

The integration of AI in your current ATS Tracking Software system engages applicants through the platform rather than emails or inboxes of users across networking sites. This allows for easy and seamless communication with the candidates as all the correspondence has one single repository with a timestamp trail. You will never miss-communication and hence will never lose track of your best candidate.

With Sniper AI integrated with ATS, the probability to improve the quality of hire increases manifolds as AI narrows down the search of the right candidate by optimizing the current pool of candidates according to job selection criteria’s in a short period. As the sourcing efforts are confined to a single location, it has a direct impact on productivity and bottom line.

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