Enhance your Candidate experience with Jeeves AI

Enhance your Candidate experience with Jeeves AI

In today’s environment, where staying ahead of the competition is the holy grail of survival, every organization and business is trying to vie for the smallest piece of latitude in the recruiting landscape. What sets them apart is the experience they can deliver at various hiring touchpoints. The idea is to provide a seamless and transparent candidate experience which will eventually help in furnishing a brand’s image amongst its peers. The advent of AI has been a perfect shot in the arm for hiring teams and managers who hitherto were mostly subjected to the administrative task and were not able to focus on strategizing candidate engagement and retention strategies.

Jeeves AI has been coming up in leaps and bounds on the back of innumerable capabilities it offers to automate repetitive and mundane HR activities for great and seamless candidate experience. Jeeves AI Conversational AI Chatbots humanize recruiting through NLP by mimicking a human conversation and as it feeds off more data it becomes more intelligent to crack a more complex conversation. Their 24/7 availability to answer any recruitment related queries adds credence to the recruitment process in the eyes of a candidate which often translates to a glowing review on the omnipresent social media platform, too often a platform where an image is made or destroyed.

The long drawn out recruitment lifecycle can be a put off for a skilled candidate who is being readily targeted by headhunters. Jeeves AI reduces the hiring lifecycle through automated sourcing feature. The AI-powered software can analyze hundreds of job network sites by scouring through candidate’s online presence via social media platform and predict how likely are they to accept the role if offered to them. Jeeves AI enhances the employee experience and engagement to an individual level. Regardless of the volume of candidates, each candidate receives timely correspondence via AI-powered workflows.

Jeeves AI instills an unbiased perspective in the recruitment process by omitting the human emotions from the hiring process, thus making it fair and transparent, inducing confidence in the candidate experience. The result is a diverse workforce, contributing to creativity and productivity along with boosting the brand image.

Jeeves AI makes the onboarding process a breeze through its guided self-service process, keeping the candidate abreast and involved in the company’s policy and ethics management updates, introducing them through their team history and allowing them to electronically submit onboarding paperwork. Jeeves AI allows peer to peer sharing of latest developments and advancements in the world of technology and updates intranet with the best vendor deals for the benefit of the employees.

Experience is one of the major value propositions for a candidate and it goes a long way in hiring the right “fit for the role” in the least turnaround time. Jeeves AI accentuates candidate experience by nurturing relationships between employees and the organization.

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