Jeeves AI helps in Achieving Superior

How Jeeves AI helps in Achieving Superior Candidate Experience

In a fast-paced recruiting landscape, where skilled workers are worth their weight in gold, any recruiting procrastination or faux pas can result in forgettable candidate experience, spreading quickly through social media platforms and employer review websites. Candidate experience adds to the brand image and goes a long way in a company’s quest to hire the best fit for the role candidates in the least turnaround time.

Paying heed to the negative implications of candidate experience, organizations have started using the capabilities of AI and its associated technologies like Machine Learning to make the experience a whole lot better. Jeeves AI is one such AI platform, designed to truncate a lengthy hiring process and instill transparency and effective communication. It is tailor-made to screen huge amount of applications against a set of job parameters through machine learning algorithms at breakneck speed with immaculate accuracy.

The smart chatbots, driven by Jeeves AI, and powered by neural networks use natural language processing to understand and build a human-like conversation with actually having the need of one. Their 24/7 on-demand availability, at the convenience of the user, help in fast-tracking general queries without the lingering wait time. It accentuates employee experience by nurturing relationships between employee and organization

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