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Jeeves AI: Helping HR to Unleash the Power of AI

In today’s interconnected and intelligent digital world, encountering AI and all its associated technologies like Machine Learning, data analytics, RPA, IoT or blockchain for that matter has become a common occurrence. Slowly but surely all these AI technologies are driving the efficiency and effectiveness of all the verticals in an enterprise, none more so than the HR.

HR departments, with data at their core, presents a huge opportunity for AI to unleash its power and instill cognitive analytics and automation in mundane and repetitive activities. Jeeves AI has been a boon to HR as it integrates its machine learning algorithms with the current applicant tracking system to source the best fit for the role candidates with amazing accuracy and efficiency. Through Jeeves AI, the recruiters time spent on non-value-added task has reduced significantly. This greatly expedites the recruitment process and gives a competitive advantage to the whole recruitment process.

HR can leverage Jeeves AI-powered business analytics software to develop powerful, intuitive and customized dashboards for various decision-makers and knowledge workers for them to make a data-driven real-time decision making.

Employee training and retention are two pillars of business continuity. The large datasets are perfect wherewithal for e-learning AI platforms to chalk out a training plan based on job profiles and skillsets. Jeeves AI accomplishes this by formulating e-learning pathways based on employees experience, current skill gaps, and trends in a package that is self-explanatory and easily understandable. The upshot is an up to date candidate pipeline ready to be deployed with the least turnaround time.

A skilled employee is worth its weight in gold and every organization strive to retain them. Jeeves AI-based analysis on each employee performance and preferences allows the HR team to charter a retention strategy which forestalls mass exodus by identifying the likelihood of a person leaving. Jeeves AI algorithms allow for a customized onboarding experience in alignment with employee’s position and tasks. They can be used to identify and answer commonly asked questions, guiding new joiners through onboarding training programs, etc., thereby laying the foundation of a long`-lasting candidate engagement.

The candidate-driven market has put the onus on the recruitment agencies to immediately connect with the candidate following application submittal and focus more on reducing application wait time. The integration of Jeeves AI in the HR processes has added an extra dimension in the way the HR professionals do their daily chores. AI-powered HR processes have freed up a lot of time for the HR employees which hitherto was consumed by administrative task.

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