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Improving Candidate Experience with Conversational AI

In the world of social media, a bad candidate experience can have a ripple effect whose resonance could be detrimental to a company’s brand image. One of the major “impression” parameters for a prospective employee is the ease and transparency of the hiring process with most of them citing a long-drawn recruitment process as the single most reason of waning interest in a company. Therefore, an investment in technology which can improve candidate experience and facilitates burnishing a brands image amongst its peers is a worthwhile proposition.

An intelligent bot is another name that is being bandied around for conversational AI. Conversational AI humanizes recruiting by integrating virtual assistants and chatbots at various touchpoints of the recruiting lifecycle. Through Natural Language processing, it can mimic a human conversation and uses Machine Learning to learn along the way with experience. As it feeds off more data, the AI becomes more intelligent in cracking more complex conversation, thus improving communication inefficiency, an HR Achilles heels for a long time. A 24/7 presence of conversational AI allows the candidate to have flexibility at their end in terms of immediate engagement, no matter how repetitive or out of hours it might be.

With a conversational interface, an AI can handle the onboarding process with minimal resources. The well-defined algorithms equip the BOT’s, for them to start engaging with the new hires on a personal level and more importantly to ensure process compliance and evolution through constant feedback. The conversational AI seamlessly integrates with the current ERP software and is trained to do most of the HR onboarding functions like team and customer introductions, guides to various processes and the company’s code of conduct policies. The structured and personalized onboarding plan powered by AI and machine learning not only has a positive impact on ROI but also enhances the candidate experience.

Conversational AI Chatbot facilitates long term communication with candidates via text or voice using an intuitive natural language interface. It uses state of the art machine learning capabilities to deliver a robust and engaging conversational experience.

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