Accelerate Hiring

Accelerate hiring and save recruiters time with Sniper AI

Recruiters need to accelerate hiring

Every day the HR department is inundated with job applications, and in today’s candidate-driven job
market every recruiter aspires to accelerate hiring and recruit the ‘right fit for the job’ candidate from a pool of candidates. Every recruiting process has a repetitive task from screening, to scheduling job
interviews, to answer questions pertaining to the job profile; all of which if done manually would require
lots of man hours, eventually resulting in missed opportunities.

Every recruiter is racing against time to find and connect with the top candidates, leveraging every
possible ounce of technology-driven innovations. Sniper AI, one such innovation, can parse data from
any unstructured data, match candidate, internal or external and instantly score them to each job
specification, shortlist them with a single click and export all this information on a dashboard with social
media sharing and email capabilities.

The chatbots on the back of machine learning capabilities can reduce the cost of hire by automating
repetitive jobs like scheduling, answering general queries about roles and job application status, letting
the recruiters focus more on branding and candidate engagement. The conversational chatbot can have
a personalized conversation with hundreds of applicants in a short span of time, at their convenience.
This enables instant engagement and accelerates the hiring process.

Enhancing existing HR infrastructure

Sniper AI enhances an existing infrastructure by integrating with an existing database or ATS such as
Taleo, Greenhouse, etc. to tap any passive candidates to constantly rejuvenate the talent pipeline and
keep abreast with any impending requirements. With Sniper turnkey allows recruiters to easily draft
jobs, match them to a candidate and share them with partners and social media sites. The capabilities of
Sniper AI reduce the internal manpower by 53%, saving considerable cost.

Based in the City of London, Recruitment SMART is a HR tech startup on a mission to bring disruptive technology to the recruitment industry. They are developing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based sourcing solutions. Team includes veterans from both the recruitment and tech industries and has client globally in UK, US and APAC. Feel Free to Write to us at [email protected]

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