Sniper AI sourcing candidates

Switch to SniperAI and spend less time on sourcing candidates

Although sourcing and recruiting are used interchangeably they are essentially two disparate processes. It’s true to say without sourcing there is no recruitment. Organizations in their bid to reduce hiring cost depend heavily on the sourcing teams to provide them with low cost, high-value resources. Spending too much time searching the internet for quality candidates might result in missing the “time to hire” deadline due to an enormous resultant unstructured data.

SniperAI is a game-changing artificial intelligence software for recruitment which possesses the self-learning intelligence that learns from every job placement and adds accuracy to the resume matches. It can scan and auto source profiles from external database like Dice, Monster, Reed etc. based on the job description and find the right fit for the job candidate in the shortest turnaround time. The sourcing automation capability of SniperAI, allows the sourcing managers to spend less time on administrative task and more time on strategizing ways to increase customer engagement. SniperAI integrates with the existing SAP SuccessFactors and enhances the usability for recruiters through its advanced automated candidate matching tool capability.

The unified view of candidates across all channels ranked according to the matching criteria delivers an integrated platform on which parsing and matching the right candidates with relevant skills becomes a breeze. According to a survey by, only 5% of the recruiters in 2006 used social media screening to tap the potential candidate, compared to 70% in 2017.

Chatbots powered by SniperAI acts as personal assistant to recruiters by automating screening, initial interview scheduling and being the first point of interaction for any frequently asked questions. The result is the reduction of the average hour spent by HR managers on hiring the right candidate.

The candidate driven market has put the onus on the recruitment agencies to immediately connect with the candidate following application submittal and focus more on reducing application wait time. The integration of AI in the recruitment process has not only shortened the recruitment lifecycle but also has allowed the HR department to pull their weight in strategic decision making.

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