How AI can make an immediate impact on your recruitment needs

In the HR space, hiring “fit for job” candidates with minimum “time to fill” window and forging a continued relationship with them, is the key. An effective hire hinges on the effective utilization of HR technology solution to pick the best fit from a large set of the application pool. The HR business process entrenched with repetitive and mundane tasks which tend to invariably increase the recruitment lifecycle.

AI is the buzzword which has taken the recruitment world by storm and is looked upon as an IT phenomenon, a driver for smarter, efficient and hassle-free recruitment cycles.

The probability of finding to fit hire candidates manifold with the adoption of AI capabilities. AI capabilities allow the HR team to create exact job descriptions strewed with keywords to attract the desired applicant.

Every pre-hiring process has a repetitive task like screening, scheduling job interviews, answering questions pertaining to the job profile. The integration of AI within the hiring cycle results in automating these repetitive tasks through its machine learning capabilities and natural language processing. The screening process, automated via predictive data models created through machine learning algorithms over a period of constant data assimilation.

AI soft skills analytics tools use interview data and through biometric and psychometric analysis evaluate candidates facial-micro expressions and body language. AI, therefore, helps in picking the candidate who is an expert in technical and soft skills.

 AI creates a level playing field as it reduces the bias in the recruitment process by creating data points and patterns using algorithms which increases the chances of hiring the right fit for the job. The recruiting AI, programmed in a way that it completely ignores the demographic information about a candidate. It also facilitates cost affecting hiring as it reduces the time to hire and target the right talent pool via machine learning algorithms.

The smart chatbots, driven by AI, and powered by neural networks, uses natural language processing to have a human-like conversation, without the need to have “actual” human answering frequently asked questions. The benefit of chatbots is their 24/7 availability, at the convenience of the user and on demand.

The capabilities of AI have resulted in a taut hiring strategy, driven by real-time data and predictive models. AI-powered technologies will free up a lot of time for the HR employees which hitherto was being consumed by the administrative task. The cognitive and predictive capability of AI will enable the recruiters to spend more time converting candidates into employees and enhancing customer engagement.

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