Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Recruiters?

AI now more than ever is playing a significant role in the way the business processes run. It has become the most talked about a subject not only in the IT ecosystem but has also transgressed its presence in almost all walks of life. The complexity in implementation, not withstanding, AI, is foreseen as a trailblazer in the IT landscape which would remediate data entry and decision-making errors by workload automation techniques derived through patterns learned by assimilating a large amount of data over a period.

The rise of Machine learning and Robotic process automation (RPA) have made an indelible mark in recruiting and has induced fear across sectors, including HR, of losing jobs to AI. Believe it or not, we interact with AI daily, either at the bank ATM, while using voice assistants on your smartphone or when browsing through Netflix recommendations. Although the fear is not completely baseless, and AI still has a long way to go before it can usurp a recruiter job

HR, per se has many repetitive tasks, from CV sifting, interview scheduling to answering frequently asked questions 24/7. All these tasks have a common pattern in their processes which are prone to automation, making them a perfect fit to get replaced by AI. This would not only free up time for the recruiters from a mundane task but also give them ample time to immerse in strategizing ways for employee engagement and retention. Although AI-powered chatbots can vastly reduce the percentage of the human bias, it cannot eliminate it as the algorithms are only as unbiased as the programmers who program them. A recruiter cannot be taken out of recruitment, but some powerful hiring results can be achieved by arming the recruiter with the capabilities of AI.

AI is here to clean up repetitive and other heavy recruitment workloads. Adopting innovations of AI, HR can increase their efficiency while maximizing results and coupled with human capabilities can propel the development of next-generation intelligent HR solutions. The HR recruiters can no longer work in silos and will have to adapt fast to the new capabilities of AI, without the fear of being replaced by it. On the contrary, AI-powered HR processes will free up a lot of time for the HR employees which hitherto consumed by a more administrative task.

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