4 HR Trends to Know Before Hiring in 2019

The advancements in technology are disrupting the organizational structure and are impacting the way the organization does business with its employees and vendors. For long, human resources considered as a reactionary field rather than a strategic one that can lend impetus to the overall business innovation. The process of hiring has seen a paradigm shift in the age of disruption which hitherto had remained an unchanged feature for years.

Let’s skim through the 4 HR trends which an organization or a business needs to know and is shaping hiring.

•    There has been a shift from employee engagement to employee experience. The employee experience will be mainly comprised of 3 dimensions, namely: engagement, culture and performance management. HR, to ascertain their employee’s journey map will continuously experiment with the technology in the market, like AI and various apps are driven by it to gauge employee wellness, productivity level and the degree of engagement with the company’s vision and goals.

•    HR process automation is a key to tap potential with a reduced “time to hire”. Activities such as onboarding, payment generation, log-in status monitoring etc. entail innumerable redundant procedures which when done manually has a potential to hurt productivity and secluding the HR employees to a more mundane task. The HR automation tools come equipped with an applicant tracking system, run on algorithms to reduce the talent acquisition and management task.

•    Digital disruption has given rise to talent analytics. Talent analytics is one such technology application which has the potential to analyze a large set of unstructured data to produce insights into the workforce and the prospective talent pool There are mainly 3 types of talent related data which need analyzing:

•    People Data: involves demographic, skills and engagement

•    Program Data: involved attendance, participation in training & adoption of key projects and assignment

•    Performance Data: It encompasses performance rating

•    The other HR trend which will be gaining momentum is the rise of freelancing or on-demand hiring. This will result in lower cost and creates an ecosystem for talent where the traditional career path models phased out, replacing them with temporary jobs focused on skill.

Due to this trend, the talent sourcing practices should be short and agile as the time to hire would be of the essence.

Although these HR trends will change the way hiring done, it will at the same time open humungous opportunities for the HR department, who can leverage the capabilities of these new trends to attract, hire and retain valuable employees.

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