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The advancement of technology has triggered a disruption in patterns which has never been witnessed before. The evolution of “BIG DATA” has brought about a big change in the functionality of the various verticals in an organization. Every organization in this digital age is striving to find the right balance between return on investment and the cost involved in running the business processes in the digital IT landscape. The dynamic world of disruptions makes it more pertinent for the businesses to adapt to the changing landscape to keep themselves relevant.

Based in the city of London, Recruitment Smart is a startup primarily focused on bringing disruptive technologies to the recruitment industry. The ever-increasing candidate and employee data warrant an intelligent solution which could deliver efficiency and effectiveness in the way talent acquisition and retention done. Recruitment Smart, run by team experts and veterans with a humungous amount of experience behind them, focused on building products which are highly attuned to customer needs.

Recruitment Smart, during its small time in existence, has developed a niche in AI and Machine Learning technologies, on the back of which they have developed Sniper AI- a machine learning driven technology which precisely matches CV to the job specification. It also has a capability of auto sourcing the best CV’s from the databases like Monster, Dice etc, which is ideal for corporate talent departments and recruitment companies, saving them endless hours of scanning and shortlisting. It comes with a “unified view” feature which is very effective to get the right candidate from all sourcing channels. It augments an organization existing infrastructure by integrating with an existing database that allows the recruitment department to easily draft job specs, match candidates and share them with partners and social media sites.

The many benefits of adopting Recruitment Smart’s AI technologies are as follows:

•    The recruitment department will spend more time strategizing and less time scanning CV.

•    With smarter application management, it’s easier to identify potential candidates across your existing data sources

•    It mitigates the cost associated with the wrong hire.

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