Ai in Recruiting: A Candidate’s Perspective

AI has been a game changer in the realm of business processes, more so in HR recruiting process. HR is inundated with data, not much of it is cognizable enough to make an informed, unbiased and strategically productive decision. HR can leverage the algorithm-driven computing mechanism of AI, to transform big data into actionable insight.

AI-powered chatbots are redefining the way HR interacts with the applicants. Apart from enhancing efficiency, it streamlines and standardizes the HR process by making use of the stored employee information. In addition to this, the other benefits include 24/7 availability, instantaneous response time, ease of accessibility and its ability to have innumerable conversations with the users.

The integration of AI for recruiting in the hiring process provides an unbiased perspective, devoid of any human emotions. It leverages the capabilities of machine learning, NLP to collate and computer data sourced from various sources. The capabilities of AI have resulted in a taut hiring strategy, driven by real-time data and predictive models based on machine learning algorithms. AI in human resources will enhance the employee experience and engagement to an individual level. Regardless of the volume of candidates, each candidate will receive timely correspondence via AI-powered workflows.

AI through machine learning algorithms predicts the success of a prospective candidate by comparing their metrics with the qualification to success ratio pattern model, built from a large amount of sourced data of successful employees, and grades the candidates who match the criteria. Recruitment Smart uses machine learning capabilities to identify the pattern of successful candidates and selects potential candidates from the resume pile.

Embracing HR with AI-powered technology not only free up HR personnel time from the repetitive recruitment task but also furthers candidate’s engagement and experience during the whole recruitment process.

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