Get ready for the split placements!

Split placement recruitment model is not new and has been around for some time, albeit not often spoken about across the recruitment landscape. Come to think of it, the word “split” instills not much confidence amongst the recruiters due to the model’s characteristic of sharing the earnings between multiple recruiters for services in finding the right fit to hire. In times like today, where every successful candidate from a recruitment agency, adds sheen to its reputation, making them the go-to agency amongst the skill hungry conglomerates for any future skill requirements, it becomes imperative for agencies, if they want to be relevant, to bear the burden of unconditional faith bestowed upon them by the companies they represent. The need to be relevant in a competitive hiring landscape has resulted in the germination of “split placement” recruitment model. Let’s look at the scenarios which corroborate the efficacy of this model. • Every recruiter has a certain skillset or domain they specialize in. There are times when the client, based on the faith accrued over a period, ask for a job order which is completely outside your specialty zone but in order to maintain a long-lasting relationship, are not in a position to say no. This is when you might have to knock on the door of another recruitment agency, specializing in the field of work, your client is seeking. • Clients are known for throwing curveballs and at times having a very specific requirement in terms of geographical location etc. The split placement model comes to rescue if your candidate database doesn’t have a candidate willing to relocate. There will be no grudges in sharing the fees as, without the help of another recruitment firm, the deliverables wouldn’t have been met. • Quite often there are situations when an excellent candidate goes unplaced due to unavailability of a suitable role with one recruitment agency. A split placement partner might, on the other hand, have the right role matching the candidate’s skill set and through this model was hired, resulting in a win-win situation for everyone involved. The vice-versa situation also holds forth on the merits of split placement: too many job orders than one can possibly process. Split placement model cannot be ignored as an option for fulfilling the client recruitment needs. The split placements allows the hiring agencies to cover a broader spectrum of the recruitment landscape, transgressing boundaries and specialty zones, thereby continuously exceeding clients expectations and forging a long-lasting relationship.

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