4 reasons for adopting mobile recruiting in 2018

The adoption of mobile technology is largely the result of the widespread use of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. These devices have become an interface in both B2C and B2B interactions resulting in on the go interaction and immediate responsiveness. In the wake of advancements in mobile technology, the focus of the companies has shifted on developing mobile-optimized websites and applications, designed to run simply on a digital platform. It’s safe to say that nowadays every transaction or collaboration is initiated on custom-built smartphone apps, exacerbating the need for an organization to invest in mobile adoption, and be relevant in the ever-changing IT world.

With so much of disruption at stake due to the flourish of the digital platform, no company could afford to wear a garb of ignorance and expect to remain viable in the competitive B2B or B2C landscape. Mobile recruitment strategy is one such area which drives the competitive capability of an organization, especially the HR line of business.

Let’s look at the four pertinent reasons for adopting mobile friendly operations in the recruiting landscape.

  •    Immediate engagement: The mobile recruitment applications have features when enabled can set notifications to recruiters upon finding a candidate who matches the criteria or better still even when he looks at the job posting. Due to these alerts, the recruiter can instantly engage with the candidate via the mobile platform, thus reducing the turnaround time of placements and time to hire.
  •    Wider reach: Mobile recruitment has the capacity to reach to a wider audience through online job postings and easy to complete online job applications. The advent of mobile-optimized recruitment websites has enabled the employers to connect with on the fly and passive candidates which otherwise wouldn’t have been tapped. Integration with social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn also help drive traffic towards the job portals.
  •    Brand building: Any business which offers the ease of applying on mobile optimized job portals contribute favorably towards enhancing its brand image. The adoption of mobile technology shows the company being abreast with the latest technology trends and competitive by the job seekers. Also, as the number of people browsing on smartphones increases by the day, having a mobile compatible career website will most likely increase the candidate’s engagement with fewer bounce rates.
  •    Effective communication: With mobile platform enablement, both the recruiter and the candidate can initiate communication without the limitation of a landline or a desk computer. The feasibility to connect with the candidates at any time and anywhere expedites the recruitment process and ensures the best possible candidates are tapped and engaged.

The recruitment process is a long and time-consuming process but with mobile recruitment, the time to hire can be dramatically reduced. The recruiters can get real-time information from the candidates on the go and accomplish tasks like application review, scheduling an interview on the fly. Clearly, without a mobile recruitment strategy, a business risk losing out to a competitor, with long-term ramifications to its brand image.

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