Recruiting chatbots: The future of machine learning

The recruitment landscape has become very competitive and it’s war for talent out there. The recruitment agencies are vying for smallest of leeway that might give them a headstart against their competition. There are myriad HR tools that continue to enter the market, vouching to find the most qualified candidate in the digitization era, with pinpoint accuracy and low turnaround time. Although the approaches of these tools are different, the underlying technology is machine learning, an extension of AI, designed for data analysis and automating analytical model building, enabling algorithms to make predictions based on patterns from unstructured data. Recruiting chatbots: a conversational agent is one such innovation which leverages the capabilities of AI and machine learning to mimic the conversational abilities during the recruitment process without much human intervention. Recruitment chatbots use AI technology like natural language processing to comprehend and respond to the customer’s query. Integration with machine learning has made chatbots like ALIZA: a hard-coded assistant a thing of the past, replaced by conversation chatbots like Alexa and Siri, leveraging the capabilities of neural networks. A recruitment chatbots on the back of machine learning capabilities can collect and screen a vast array of resumes and rank candidates on metrics such as skills, qualification, and engagement in order to assist the decision makers to make an informed decision. The chatbots can reduce the cost of hire by automating repetitive jobs like scheduling, answering general queries about roles and job application status, letting the recruiters focus more on branding and candidate engagement. Through machine learning integration, the chatbots can sift through candidates social media platforms data and formulate a predictive data model on his soft skills capabilities, allowing the hiring managers actionable insights to select the right fit for the role. The best chatbots should be able to process any number of candidates query, reduce the administrative and repetitive task of the HR personnel and significantly assist the stakeholders to invest in a candidate who will provide a much higher return on investment.

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