Candidate emotion: A major argument in favor of AI

Candidate emotion: a major argument in favor of AI

Hiring is a very time consuming and financially laborious exercise, all the more reason to get it right the very first time. The long-term repercussions of a wrong hire are well documented in the pantheon of “how to run a good business” articles. In the pursuit to hire the best fit in the fastest possible time frame, have led myriad organizations to bank on the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence accentuated by sets of intuitive algorithms, churning through data with utmost accuracy. In today’s globalized world a candidate expertise is not confined to his grasp on the skills needed to perform his job but extends to how emotionally intelligent they are to deal with human nature of the job. Although, one of the most overlooked skills, emotional intelligence failure can be a bane to a skilled candidate’s existence in the corporate fabric.

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its capabilities, HR is delving into the world of emotion recognition technology, to prise out the best possible candidates, and making sure they have the best fit for the job in terms of soft and hard skills. In order to remove the wheat from the chaff, many companies have introduced the concept of video application; a way to answer key interview questions in a video format. The facial analysis algorithm scans the video job applications and identifies and quantifies the candidate’s response against the key performance indicators set up by the recruitment team. This method of analyzing facial contours to ascertain the emotional state in real-time, adds an extra dimension to the recruitment process and adds value in understanding the trustworthiness of the candidate.

Skill sets are definitely a “non-negotiable” requirement in a job but a candidate’s personality is an embellishment on the top of the skill set which would help him hit the ground running at his task. AI is a boon and a great addition to the HR recruitment tools. The measurement of candidate’s emotion through AI is a great way of understanding their passion, their belief in the company’s vision and to top it all off adds an extra layer of credibility to the hiring process.

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