Embrace HR with AI-powered technologies

HR is one of the key cogs in an organization’s wheel, which is seeing a significant change on the back of new information technology trends. There is a constant injection of new technology solutions powered by AI which has given a new lease of life to the relevancy of the HR process and its viable place in the broader scheme of things. HR, from the immense AI capabilities like decision making, visual and voice recognition and cognitive analysis have benefitted by the automation of repetitive and mundane task in HR recruitment process, thereby allowing the HR professionals to focus more on engaging with the prospective candidates and least on the mere HR administrative chores. The candidate-centric recruitment landscape is strewn with failures of organizations who have fallen by the wayside due to improper and biased recruitment strategy. Therefore, when it comes to finding the right candidate, the judgment should not be based on bias but on proper analytics based on the predictive data model. AI-powered preselection model uses a predictive model to ascertain the likelihood of the candidate’s success in a role. This data-driven hiring model reduces the attrition rate of the employees and builds a healthy employee-employer relationship based on trust. The AI-powered software can analyze hundreds of job network sites by scouring through candidate’s online presence via social media platform and predict how likely are they to accept the role if offered to them. This allows the HR professionals to tap the right resource and enhance the success rate of time to hire in a competitive recruitment landscape. An AI-powered chatbot is an effective tool in managing innumerable queries and setting up the initial interview call without the involvement of an HR personnel. The AI natural language processing capability assist candidates in answering their frequently asked questions and guiding them to a relevant webpage for further information. Apart from managing an influx of calls of repetitive nature, it is available 24/7, providing a very personal user experience. HR’s personal assistant job is another role which is made efficient by AI by streamlining the entire process of scheduling on an organizational level. The amount of time spent by a PA in scheduling a meeting with candidates, arranging for an interview is quite unnecessary and has become a bane of HR’s existence. The autonomous AI assistants are designed to democratize personal assistants by linking with one’s calendar and effectively managing the schedule of meeting timings while reducing inconsequential email correspondences. The HR can no longer work in silos and will have to adapt fast to the new capabilities of AI, without the fear of being replaced by it. On the contrary embracing HR with AI-powered technologies will free up a lot of time for the HR employees which hitherto is being consumed by a more administrative task. The cognitive and predictive capability of AI will enable the recruiters to spend more time converting candidates to hire and improves the candidate experience.

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