5 steps to prepare your company for the AI revolution

AI has become the most talked about a subject not only in the IT ecosystem but has also transgressed its presence in almost all walks of life. It is used interchangeably with machine learning-a subdivision of AI which thrives on data to learn patterns and assist in making the informed decision. It’s been touted as the next best thing which will change the dynamics of the way the business processes are run and the way data is analyzed and processed. The complexity in implementation, notwithstanding, AI is foreseen as a trailblazer in the IT landscape which would remediate data entry and decision-making errors by workload automation techniques derived through patterns learned by assimilating a large amount of data over a period. Understanding the characteristics and capabilities of AI is one thing but to implement the technology in your IT ecosystem is another ball game altogether. The AI revolution is here to stay and in order to leverage the immense capabilities of AI, the organizations will have to be ready to accommodate the paradigm shift in their existing IT infrastructure. The following are the 5 steps which a company should undertake to keep them in good stead to deal with the disruptive changes which will come with AI:
  • The organizations should evaluate their business processes and segregate tasks which needs optimization through automation. The best way to figure out repetitive processes requiring automation is via brainstorming sessions with the process owners. The use of AI in automating repetitive task will free up employees from mundane task resulting in the increase of overall productivity.
  • The culture of continuous learning and development is a must for any company if it wants to keep itself relevant in the era of digitization. Investment in training will keep the employees abreast with the latest skills, in turn cultivating an environment of knowledge sharing and a vast pool of skillful employees, who can hit the ground running.  The learning and development courses should be tailored to the skills in demand, which can be effectively applied within the organization’s projects in the pipeline.
  • The collaboration between humans and machines can open doors to vast opportunities disrupting the status quo and enhancing the return on investment. It’s this change in the status quo that the organizations should be ready to embrace. The reciprocity between humans and machines and how automation will affect this relationship has become one of the most mootable topics among the stakeholders.
  • At the heart of a developed AI system, lies an infrastructure with an amazing computing power. AI feeds off a large amount of to train itself to learn patterns, which needs to be computed at a breakneck speed to makes any sense of the collated data. It’s the initial creation of the IT infrastructure which is more demanding than the actual implementation itself, which the company should be mindful of. The Google cloud platform and the Amazon web services are quite a reliable and scalable cloud computing services and a reliable panacea to allay the fears of computing power.
  • Above anything else the company should have a clear vision of the road ahead as they formulate a strategy to take the best advantage of the capabilities, AI has to offer. The road to AI revolution is interspersed with disruptions and new business models, therefore a well thought out AI roadmap will go a long way in reshaping a company’s functional model.
The amalgamation of AI within the business processes, primarily driven by human resources has started to reshape the legacy business model. Even though it might be disruptive, to begin with, AI will add immensely to the cognitive and analytical space of the business process model. It’s imperative for any organization, as with any other new technology, is to be ready to embrace the revolution of AI by devising an action plan to best accommodate the vast potential it comes equipped with.  

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