Are you able to overcome selection process barriers?

Recruitment is an indispensable process for any establishment, but specially for large businesses it can be challenging to contain rising sourcing cost and improve hiring efficiency at same time. The quality of employees you hire depends upon effective recruitment and selection process. However, the procedure isn’t always smooth. Evidently employers face difficulties such as the high “cost of advertising” for job openings and obscure obstacles such as improving communication between recruiters and hiring managers.

List of Hurdles

Hurdle-1 Sending invitation to correct candidates Deficiently written job descriptions leads to confusion and mess which later evolves in a large number of applications from unsuitable candidates. So, the first and foremost step in gearing up the hiring process is to ensure your job descriptions perfectly capture and communicate your desired needs. Hurdle – 2 Manual Data Entry of Applications Processing high amount of applicant data manually is an impractical choice. Investing in a good applicant tracking system and online portal for applicant submission can automate the entry and sorting of applications, saving time and money for organizations with large numbers of applications to process on a regular basis. Hurdle-3 Poorly Coordinated Outreach to Qualified Candidates Firms use talent management software that sometimes leads to incoherent communication with candidates during the hiring process. This is a major concern, as personal touch is lost. While differentiating between various talent management solutions, make sure that the solution you choose allows for both automated personal candidate outreach and an artificial intelligence based segregation of candidates to enable differential messaging process for top candidates. Hurdle 4- Inefficiency in hiring team The time gap while various members of the hiring team wait for candidate status reports slows the hiring process considerably. This hurdle can easily be with a good recruiting solution that provides real-time collaboration opportunities and a global perspective of your talent pipeline at any given moment. With such a process, team work becomes easy and efficient. Hurdle 5 – Inefficiency in technological resources Technology, of course, has changed rapidly over the last several years. There are technology involvements for all aspects of the hiring system, from tracking candidates, to providing a fully branded and engaging candidate experience, to calculate candidate’s true strengths, and to making the offer to the best. Last but not the least the barrier of technological resources affects a firm hugely. A recent study shows that a lack in technology and software hurts a firm ability to effectively recruit. Many companies now understand they lack the technology resources and expertise, choose to work with good hunters and external recruiters to ensure they have access to the best talent pool possible.


The very first step to building a business case to improve your hiring operation is to locate your current hurdles, with benchmark at each phase. Next step is to setup communications mechanism so that seamless engagement of prospective candidates can be ensured. Eventually enable the talent acquisition team with technology to ensure a right balance of technology and human involvement in hiring process. It is time to re-valuate your selection process. The world truly has changed. The top candidates expect a lot. A powerful selection system allows organizations the ability to brand their companies and set expectations in addition to selecting the best.

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