Sniper AI is now listed at SAP Partneredge & SAP Startup Focus

The alliance of machine learning recruitment solution, Sniper AI, with the most flexible ecosystem of innovation SAP Partneredge & SAP Startup Focus, is going to align recruitment efforts with organizational strategy to build talent pipelines to meet both short and long-term business needs. On the other hand, veritably this solution is to streamline or automate parts of the recruiting workflow and assist in bringing a lot more process efficiencies and ensure that the recruiter becomes much more effective in the work assigned. Association with SAP Partneredge and SAP Startup Focus which include heterogeneous partner programs, Sniper AI has been imparted with a uniform framework for its global partner network. Way it goes from here is improved visibility and better understanding of artificial intelligence for recruiting practitioners across the industry verticals. What it means for SniperAI Being there brings numerous opportunities to build, Sell, Service and Run the solutions that are based or integrated with SAP technology. Specific to sniper AI it would great opportunity for augmenting the existing SAP solutions with artificial intelligence and machine learning. “This is an excellent platform where we would be able to access numerous SAP customers and help them leverage there existing deployments to a greater extent” – Pawan Lokwani, Recruitment Smart SniperAI would get to work across geographies and verticals alongside SAP in the near future by the virtue of this SniperAI would be able to get more and more insights. With these insights the already industry leading solution would get a chance to improve according to specific customer requirements. How Sniper AI is adding value Sniper AI maximizes workplace productivity and provides more support and resources to managers, employees and candidates. With such a wide range of benefits the most HR professionals can look forward for some free time in future. This free time is to be utilized to take HR efficiency to next level. Please click on to view the solution in SAP App center. Any area of recruiting where distinct inputs and outputs occur – like screening, sourcing and assessments – will largely become automated. -Katrina Kibben, Randstad Sniper AI integrates with applicant tracking systems and is perfect for corporate HR departments and recruitment companies. With smarter application management, your teams will be able to more quickly identify potential candidates across your existing data sources and therefore reduce your reliance on external channels. With SAP Partneredge and SAP Startup focus, Sniper AI is going to evolve and empower customers through their revolutionary solution and pitching out to more and more customers integrated with ecosystem of innovation. In addition, the symbiotic relation between Sniper AI and SAP PartnerEdge and SAP Startup Focus exists in terms of compatibility and connection with the capabilities of either and the integration of such capabilities ensures synergies as well as efficiencies. We encourage clients to view the features and write to us on [email protected] to discuss it further.

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