Sniper AI partnership with SAP: Available on SAP App center

The combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven recruitment solution, Sniper AI, with the integrated and holistic Human Capital Management solution, SAP Successfactors, is surely bound to introduce complementarities to the way in which organizational processes are automated and integrated. Please click on to view the solution in SAP App center.
Indeed, Sniper AI saves recruitment costs through time and effort savings which when integrated into the SAP Successfactors means that not only the entire recruitment process is automated, but also made part of the overall business process integration.
In other words, the revolutionary potential of AI driven recruitment merges with the Human Capital Management giving decision makers more visibility over the recruitment process as well as greater control over the talent acquisition function within HR.
For instance, by integration with Sniper AI multiple channels such as direct applications, external agency applications, and internal data sources are now fully synergized for optimal processing of applications & vacant positions.
In addition, the humongous time and cost savings that Sniper AI actualizes through bulk processing as well as the effort reduction can be combined with the other benefits of SAP Success factors to ensure that the recruitment process is now geared towards efficiencies from the economies of scale.
What more, the fact that Sniper AI works through machine learning and algorithmic patterning to select appropriate resumes means that its combination with SAP makes the latter conducive to future developments of AI capabilities for the entire suite. The specific features of Sniper AI include the machine learning algorithmic capabilities it means that it is “learning software” that iteratively learns from each cycle of the process. There is scope for “getting better with each task or cycle” which when combined with SAP Successfactors provides the latter with a taste of what HCM software can do in the future.
These features when integrated with SAP means that an end to end value chain visibility as well as control is available to the 20,000 feet decision makers as well as to the “boots on the ground” employees in a macro analytic and micro task based machine learning enabled manner. In addition, the symbiotic relation between Sniper AI and SAP success factors exists in terms of compatibility and connection with the capabilities of either and the integration of such capabilities ensures synergies as well as efficiencies. More importantly, the easy to use download and install feature that is the characteristic of SAP APP Center provides organizations with the needed ease of use implementation and deployment. SniperAI is available on SAP App Center on the following link and we encourage clients to view the features and write to us on [email protected] to discuss it further.

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