Artificial Intelligence: Changing The Way HR Does Their Tasks!


The ability to think and adapt like a human brain is an attribute that has taken Artificial Intelligence, one-step ahead of all other technologies. And when it comes to HR, Al has proven to streamline the recruitment process immensely.


From sourcing the resumes from various sources to shortlisting them, HR personnel can do all with just a click. This simplified automated process is versed in making the high-volume HR tasks many times easier, standardize the sourcing process, reliable, accurate and remove any bias. Mentioned below are super powers of Al that improves HR operations:

  • Quick and Consistent Screening:

AI understands the mundane and repetitive HR assessment tasks, like scanning all the resumes and bringing forth the unified view of the best matching candidates from all sourcing channels.

  • Better Assortment every time

Turnkey Applicant Tracking System provides access to candidates by allowing HR to draft the job, match it to the right candidate and share it with the social partners. Further with the Machine Learning algorithms, it automatically scores each unique factor of the candidate throughout the region that best complements your requirement and results get better and better with the repeated usage of application. SniperAI has built this capability over ATS solutions like IBM Kenexa Brassring and SAP Successfactors.

  • Economies of scale

It is proved that with the help of  AI, every single  HR can save up to 23 hours per hire and organizations reduce per screening cost by 75%. Also, the organization can achieve overall 20% increase in the performance, 53% internal manpower reduction and 37% sourcing cost reduction. Definitely these figures can be game a changer for the large organizations hiring thousands of new candidates across the globe.

  • Getting Close to “Human” in Human Resource

With more time in hand with the help of automated processes, HR would get ample time to work on other necessary tasks & specializations. HR can contribute more towards the strategy and candidate engagement rather than transactions or some may develop specialization like candidate engagement.

  • Provides Candidate-friendly Platform

Not all candidates get the opportunity to describe their best skills and knowledge in the limited period interview session. However, Bots & AI based platforms give candidates fair place to showcase and mention their strengths beforehand in front the employer. It takes you beyond the traditional resume details, thus not only making things easy for the candidates but also for the recruiter to know the strengths and weaknesses of the applicants they are considering.

With such a wide range of benefits the most HR professionals can look forward for some free time in future. This free time is to be utilized to take HR efficiency to next level.  Some professionals look at AI as technology that replaces humans and takes away their jobs, however others look at this as an opportunity to upscale and upgrade the human skills to become more enabled. Our take is that with machines doing mundane and repetitive task, humans will be surely enjoy having improved skills for higher value added jobs.

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